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The absence of a single repository of crime and criminal details in this digital age slows down the efforts of law enforcement agencies toward creating safer and resilient cities. Retrieving details from age-old records and maintaining them in the physical form further leads to wastage of resources. All this leads to non-compliance to guidelines, delays in criminal tracking, and an increase in investigation time. Hence, there is a need for an intelligent solution that addresses these challenges effectively.

TCS Solution

Compliant with NCRB guidelines and bundled with a single centralized crime and criminal repository, the TCS DigiGOV Homeland Security solution comes with some unique features, making it an end-to-end crime control solution for law enforcement agencies. The single centralized crime and criminal repository include various records and their analyses to cater to the needs of law enforcement agencies. The solution comes with the Pocket Cop Mobile application that helps fast-track investigations and inquiries.

The Digitized Crime Records feature helps eliminate redundant entries by automatic generation of various registers while the e-challan system integrated with RTO (vehicle and license data) helps police departments improve their existing processes for effective administration. Overall, TCS DigiGOV Homeland Security is a complete end-to-end package that provides various citizen-centric services effectively.


By leveraging TCS DigiGOV Homeland Security, the state home and police departments all over the world can reap the following benefits:

  • Preserve digitized crime records according to standards and make them easily accessible

  • Allows bar-coded tracking of seized property by FSL

  • Enable Model Civic Center setup for petition/licenses/certificates issued by CP/SP

  • Ensure compliance with ICJS and NCRB guidelines

  • Enable geo-crime mapping and e-challan after integration with RTO

  • Maintain uniformity for all in data collection and other associated processes

  • Use fingerprint authentication, past crimes, crime patterns, etc., to detect crimes

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