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In order to gain better resource visibility, governments have been nudging Urban Local Bodies (ULBs) to focus on certain performance yardsticks. ULBs play a crucial role in building smart cities the world over and digital governance plays an important part in this effort. Today, each city has different challenges depending on its social and economic conditions. ULBs require real-time insights to take informed decisions and make law enforcement more efficient.

TCS Solution

TCS’ DigiGOV™ ULB suite is a tool that realizes digital transformation strategy and is designed to enable transparent local governance. It enhances end-user customer experience as it provides citizens seamless access to public services online. The solution provides a strong base for Smart City development by enabling digital governance. 

Presenting a few salient features of the suite: 

  • Integrated with finance core for a double accounting system 

  • Multi-tenant and cloud-enabled 

  • Mobile-enabled to provide omnichannel and anytime-anywhere access 

  • Rule-based workflow engine and a secured document management platform 

  • Digital signature integration 

  • Barcode/QR code-enabled certificate generation 

  • SLA-based dashboard with predictive analysis capability 

  • Geographic Information System (GIS) integration 


  • POS and smart card integration
  • Integration with banks for direct payment 


  • Malpractice reduction

  • Reduced cycles

  • On-demand access


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