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Enhancing self-service capabilities for improved CX 

Digital transformation in banks have continued to accelerate in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic. In particular, investment banks are reimagining customer experience with client engagement models that are driven by digital assistants powered by cognitive technologies. These 24*7 virtual assistants enable banks to offer self-service capabilities to clients and automate workflows.

The industry is witnessing early adopters that are launching digital assistants in multiple areas, such as:

  • Research: Enable access to research content round the clock, and provide information on research coverage, macro insights, and key policy events.
  • Sales: Provide comprehensive client coverage, including servicing client requests for market updates, pricing, and trade booking.
  • Post-trade: Provide relevant stakeholders a single view of exceptions in a chatroom for timely exception resolution.
  • Shared services: Deploy conversational digital assistants in IT helpdesk, HR, and finance functions.

Kiran Kumar Komma,
Domain Consultant, Capital Markets Industry Advisory, BFSI, TCS 

Karthik Dhinakara Ram ,
Head, Capital Markets Industry Advisory, BFSI, TCS