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Digital forces are driving organizations to reimagine business models, products and services, customer segments, channels, business processes, and workplaces. Assuring the digital landscape is no simple task: demands of consumers call for a fundamental change in traditional quality assurance, testing infrastructure, models, and shift towards an integrated digital assurance strategy to harness the full power of the digital forces, attain business objectives, and assure customer loyalty.

TCS Solution

TCS Digital Assurance services are powered by world-class solutions, IP, products, vendors, and test infrastructure, managed by qualified professionals. Our offerings harness the combined power of digital forces:

  • Omnichannel assurance for superior UX across multiple channels, devices and platforms

  • Assurance for data analytics to leverage Big Data to drive and enhance customer engagement

  • Mobile testing strategy, test lab setup, user experience, test automation, and testing as a service beyond functional testing (performance, security, compatibility, accessibility), network and service virtualization

  • Functional testing, automation, and performance testing of Big Data on Hadoop platform

  • Comprehensive on-demand assurance on cloud

  • Artificial Intelligence-powered assurance analytics solution

  • Context-aware test work bench for IoT system testing


  • Ensure greater stability by deploying best-in-class processes

  • Focus on preventing and not just detecting defects

  • Ensure world-class quality at every step from digital test strategy to implementation

  • Enhance go-to-market speed with automation strategies

  • Improve customer centricity; assure CX seamlessly across channels, platforms, devices

  • Accelerate growth in digital revenues and profits

  • Reduce costs with our proprietary digital assurance frameworks, tools, and platforms

  • Augment flexibility to scale up or ramp down to achieve business objectives 

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