Can Digital Business Make Tata A Software Company?



Can Digital Business Make Tata A Software Company?

Information Week

In an interview with Information Week, Seeta Hariharan, VP & Head, Digital Software & Solutions Group, discusses TCS’ key product offerings in the digital business space. She also outlines the value TCS will add to customers and the advantage it has over competition.

Excerpts from the article:
"My mission in life is only to make revenue for TCS through licensed sales of software and solutions", said Hariharan, a former IBMer who’s now general manager of the new TCS Digital Software & Solutions unit.

For example, one of its first two products is Customer Intelligence & Insights, a package of software modules for managing customer data, analyzing customers’ behavior, and recommending actions that employees can take to get more sales or reduce churn. The second product is Digital Commerce, for tasks such as supply-chain management, supplier communication, and demand analysis.

On being asked about the digital business, Seeta Hariharan described two big factors driving digital as a specific priority right now: technology change and time. On the tech front, companies are expected to communicate with and learn from their customers via new social and mobile formats. Customers tweet their complaints instead of calling, and they expect to be heard. They want mobile as part of their experience, whatever the industry. More powerful data analytics capabilities make it possible for companies to get that understanding, and cloud computing makes that analysis more affordable.

On the time front, Hariharan said, companies think they need to get this new digital customer relationship right within two years, at the latest.

When asked about the industries of focus for DSS - banking, telecom and retail, she said, "These are by far the industry verticals where the transformation is happening today. Banks are struggling to offer omnichannel services and develop digital wallet products. Telecom carriers are making huge investments in next-gen wireless capacity even as new competitors arise in the form of "over the top" voice and messaging services. Retailers must build digital ties to customers without turning stores into showrooms for"

She also highlighted the following key propositions of TCS’ DSS offerings: Having industry-specific software based on TCS's experience working in those industries, offering fully-integrated stacks of software (though in modules that companies can buy and implement as needed) and having "affordable" products considering the full costs of ownership, including integration.

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