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Globally, the auto insurance industry faces fast diminishing customer loyalty and declining profit margins. Consequently, companies need to identify new solutions to improve driver safety, establish clear product differentiators, and control claims inflation and pricing. While telematics is vital for insurers to remain competitive, the installation and maintenance costs are high. In addition, growing privacy concerns prevent insurers from harnessing the full potential of this solution.

TCS Solution

that offer the same functionality as in-vehicle devices.

By eliminating the dependency on expensive 'blackbox' telematics, our solution reduces the entry barriers to adopt this technology while delivering data quality with our big data analytics platform. With our solution, you engage your customers, and gather driver and behavioral information to gain insight on driving patterns. The application transforms the way you engage with your customers by transitioning from the traditional, reactive touch points that occur mainly after accidents, towards proactive and preventative interactions.


  • Reduce upfront investments

  • Engage customers proactively

  • Enhance risk management

  • Improve customer retention and acquisition

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