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Digital Solutions for Consumer Packaged Goods


TCS Digital Solutions for CPG Industry

Driving digital strategy and transformation for the CPG Industry.



The world has embraced the new digital wave. Digital technologies have made an indelible impact on consumer purchase patterns. CPG businesses are faced with large volumes of unstructured data, pressure to constantly engage with consumers, and lack of data analysis for information on how to proceed in the most optimal way. To keep pace with the rapidly changing environment, organizations must quickly adopt innovative ways to leverage digital technologies to stay ahead of competition.

TCS Solution

Companies can .

  • Digital Consulting and Strategy Formulation Services: Our Business Process Consulting Services determine the maturity of existing processes. Our Digital Readiness Assessment Services use a framework to assess preparedness of all digital assets.

  • Platform Based Solutions & Services: We use a mix of commercial and home-grown tools and platforms for digital marketing, commerce, IoT(Industrial & Consumer) and analytics.

  • Digital Performance Enhancers: We offer online operations services, campaign execution services, command center services, digital creative services, and digital packaging services.

  • Domain-centric Offerings: We offer CPG Industry specific innovative solutions like TCS Perivista, G.A.M.E, Brand Visibility Maximizer, and e-Harmonizer.


  • Deliver a consistent experience at various touch points to your consumers

  • Leverage pre-defined processes to enable faster turn-around time

  • Harness data analytics to refine your consumer outreach initiatives

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