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Selecting the right candidate for the job is a top priority for all organizations, but recruiters still rely on traditional manual screening and matching processes for their talent management needs. They also use traditional application tracking systems (ATS) that are difficult to integrate with new technologies. This makes recruitment a time-consuming process with increased dependence on people, which limits operational efficiency and scalability.

TCS Solution

TCS Neuralent is an intelligent talent management platform powered by machine learning that automates the recruitment process. It cost-effectively integrates with existing systems to predict the top three roles for a candidate based on skills, experience, and certifications. It harnesses a time-series forecasting model to predict demand for various roles based on historical data. Below are the solution’s key features:

  • The right candidate can be identified using job elements such as name, skills, role, and experience.
  • The role prediction feature evaluates candidates on the skills mentioned in their resumes.
  • Job descriptions can be generated using natural language processing (NLP) techniques.
  • Unstructured resume data can be extracted and converted into structured information.
  • Natural language query (NLQ) can be used to search for queries on job roles.


TCS Neuralent provides organizations with numerous benefits, such as:

  • Accurate and speedy job-to-candidate matching processes
  • Minimizes human intervention, thereby enhancing efficiency of job matching processes
  • Easy-to-integrate platform that can be scaled across global languages
  • In-built agility ensures evolving recruitment needs are met

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