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Why Philippines’ RAFI Chose TCS to Design its Digital Strategy
Watch Ramon Aboitiz Foundation’s Chief Digital Officer Edwin Marfil and Flo Villa, Head of Business Intelligence and Value Management, share their experience of partnering with TCS to redefine RAFI’s digital strategy, to be more innovative, agile, and effective in its social development work.
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Ramon Aboitiz Foundation Inc. (RAFI)
Public Services
Economic - focused on improving the economic well-being of communities Social - creating opportunities for growth and improving a sense of identity and purpose Physical - building healthy, resilient, and livable communities

"TCS was a natural choice. They have the global presence and experience that we require. Thanks to the fruitful engagement with TCS, we have corrected our digital roadmap to seize opportunities and explore more digital initiatives."

Flo Villa, Head of Business Intelligence and Value Management, Ramon Aboitiz Foundation

The Ramon Aboitiz Foundation Inc (RAFI) needed to be nimble and agile to expand its reach. And for that, it needed to revisit its digital strategy.

TCS defined a digital strategy for RAFI that identified initiatives with strong societal impact and new digital business models. The foundation's programs cover microfinance, entrepreneurship, education, childcare, and cancer care, among others.

It helped that TCS shares RAFI's views on social development, CSR, and social impact, which ensured a good understanding of the foundation’s diverse programs and operations.

TCS’ holistic approach began with understanding RAFI’s vision, objectives, and stakeholder aspirations. It analyzed the business and technology challenges across each of the foundation's seven service lines.

After more than a hundred hours of brainstorming, TCS recommended six digital strategy themes and 55 initiatives aligned to RAFI’s vision. It also identified new digital business models to strengthen the existing services lines.

TCS’ deep experience and methodical approach ensured that every program of the foundation was onboard the digital transformation roadmap. 

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