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Provide anytime, anywhere access to education

  • An end-to-end online program enablement capability
  • Cutting-edge digital infrastructure, learning platform and digital service desk 
  • Offers hyper-personalized learning content




  • Technology-led blended learning experience for learners
  • A solution that helps institutes open new revenue streams
  • Caters to all types of learners through an analytics-based mechanism
  • Integrates all digital platforms to provide a seamless learning experience
  • Ensures better student engagement, which results in higher retention ratio




Educational institutes need to embrace the phygital mode as seamlessly as possible.

As technology-led blended learning experiences and non-conventional teaching and learning methods gain prominence, educational institutions are reevaluating their programs to make student experiences immersive. Adopting a phygital model by integrating digital platforms with physical assets enables the educational institutions to provide boundaryless access to   education, while ensuring hyper-personalization.

TCS Digital University is an end-to-end online education delivery offering that helps learners worldwide get access to personalized, blended learning experiences. By enabling educational institutions to adopt the online education model, the solution helps them open new revenue streams and optimize operations, while ensuring security and scalability.



How TCS Can Help

Higher educational institutions are looking to deliver hyper-personalized learning experiences that cater to all types of learners through an analytics-based mechanism.

TCS Digital University offers end-to-end online program enablement capability to enable higher educational institutions to set up best-in-class digital infrastructure, learning platform, digital service desk, and remote assessment and proctoring. The solution allows them to integrate all their digital platforms to provide a seamless learner experience. By leveraging artificial intelligence (AI), augmented reality (AR), and virtual reality (VR) technologies, the solution offers hyper-personalized learning content, enabling digital environments with automated service desk operations or bots as teaching assistants.


What We Offer

TCS Digital University offers a range of features across areas, including:

  • Integration services: TCS’ solution integrates the digital platforms to create a single source of data and provides a seamless experience for lifelong learning.
  • Data centre and network command centre: The solution comes with advanced data centers, cloud migration facilities, network modernization, and so on, to build advanced infrastructure powered by smart technologies and set up an online learning and virtual coaching and mentoring platform.
  • Remote assessment and proctoring: The solution automates the process of conducting formative and summative assessments and can proctor remotely.
  • Student recruitment and enrollment: TCS also supports with the designing of web portals and digital marketing campaigns to attract students.
  • Service desk operations: Leverage best-in-class service desk operations and ensure seamless delivery of digital learning models.



How You Benefit

With TCS’ offering, educational institutions can gain the following benefits:

  • Market reach: Enhance market reputation with new blended operating models that take learning beyond the campus and offers global reach.
  • Deliver superior learning experience: Ensure convenience to the learners, by developing superior and uniform experiences, with customized and flexible learning paths in the form of stackable courses that enable equity in online education.
  • Multi-modal learning content: Reimagine the learning pedagogy by introducing digital learning content that ensures higher student engagement with continuous learning, resulting in higher retention ratio.
  • Data-driven decision-making: Enable leadership team to make informed decisions based on analytics and insights.
  • Wide customer base:  Attract, admit and service all types of learner personas by leveraging analytics to deliver hyper-personalized learning with the ability to carry forward credits.




A partnership with TCS offers the following differentiators:

  • All-in-one integrated service: TCS offers an all-in-one integrated service that brings unparallel synergy between the domain and technology. Our experienced industry advisors work closely with customers to solve business problems and build a simplified transformation roadmap.
  • Platform and technology agnostic: Our partnerships with leading technology providers across the education ecosystem allow us to offer platform and technology agnostic services to our customers. TCS' solutions leverage a machine-first approach to reduce cost and improve efficiency.
  • Cost optimized offering: Through application rationalization and system integration services, TCS helps you benefit from your existing investment. Our flexible and customizable implementation model, delivered through an agile approach, ensures early benefits and enables easy adoption of new technology.