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Time-consuming manual administrative tasks, siloed legacy infrastructure systems, and non-compliance with government procedure manuals 

impact work efficiency. Other obstacles include lack of digital analytical capabilities, which hampers employee collaboration. And last but the least, paper wastage and managing license cost for office functions are many challenges in ensuring seamlessness in tasks, at the workplace.

TCS Solution

TCS DigiGOV Digital Workplace solution offers a robust enterprise platform that allows for service transformation at scale.

Its features include, Organization Structure Management; a Document and Case Management System, Shared Services Framework; Access Based Control; Integration Layer; Overall Workflow Management.  

The office automation solution provides businesses with the ability to configure processes at a rapid pace using agile methodology and is flexible to where it can integrate with an existing core/legacy system.   

Its single integrated view can consolidate different IT systems working in silos. It enables service transformation and helps with effective workplace decision-making, building upon an existing knowledge base.  

Lastly, the solution helps establish a truly digital workplace anytime, anywhere as it enables mobility with multi-device access such as via smartphones, desktops, laptops and other hand-held devices. 


  • Enterprise architecture 
  • Rapid service transformation 
  • Reduces manual administrative operations and use of paper 
  • Anytime-anywhere access 

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