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To create better business value, companies are looking for superior data management to harness data assets. However, manual and IT-dependent solutions are unable to cope with the dynamic and heterogenous nature of data accumulated by enterprises. Businesses are struggling to enhance visibility into business processes, improve data reliability, and get better control over data. Lack of standard data management practices, competition, and strict regulations are other challenges.

TCS Solution

It includes a future-ready data model to build an enterprise-grade information management repository. Its robust engine drives various functions such as data controls execution, data health scoring, and a rich library of metrics and analytic templates. TCS DIME helps build a 360-degree view of an organization’s critical business elements.

The technology-agnostic solution accelerator has the following features:

  • End-to-end information management: Includes data governance, data quality management and metadata management.
  • Data quality and governance: Provides a data quality index and boosts the effectiveness of governance operations through insights
  • Implementation-ready components: Includes UI wireframes, data model, analytical layer, and services components


  • Accelerated time-to-value: Pre-defined templates, better data transparency, and quality
  • Enhanced data gravity: Digitized data management functions
  • Driven simplification: Comprehensive, low-risk, and non-intrusive approach
  • Management of data as organizational asset: Democratized and monetized visible data assets
  • Superior compliance enabled: Centralized data governance, minimum overheads, and smooth audits
  • Reduced overall TCO: Technology- and project-agnostic strategy, lowered operating costs

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