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Worker connects machines and processes to optimize manufacturing plant floor operations.


TCS DeepView

Bringing agility to shop floor operations



Manufacturing in the digital age is fraught with new challenges. Manufacturers need to improve operational effectiveness and product quality amidst shrinking budgets and cycle times. This means increased focus on productivity, defect elimination, risk mitigation, safety, and improving the bottom line while embracing new technologies. Depending on rigid and monolith systems impede operational agility and hamper workforce mobility, thereby making digital transformation more challenging.

TCS Solution

TCS DeepView enables process digitization for paperless operations, enhances traceability, and provides real-time visibility of operations on the shop floor. It provides contextual information that drives the necessary intelligence for machine-based supervision with its machine-in-loop feature. It integrates with systems spanning the enterprise, controls, and industrial layers providing a single window for work. It also integrates with industrial cameras, robots, and business rule definition for automation and validation to facilitate first time right in operations. This improves production volumes, COPQ, operational costs, and productivity. With humans playing a major role in the man-machine-method ecosystem, the solution allows them to contribute to continuous improvement through collaboration.  


  • Improve productivity and effectiveness through process digitization and first –time-right operations.
  • Reduce COPQ through guided operations and automated inspections.
  • Enhance agility leveraging single window for work and real-time feedback loops for course corrections.
  • Gain on-the-go visibility into operations for agility.
  • Create a seamless connected ecosystem of man, machine, and method.
  • Configurability across multiple operations provides many avenues for returns


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