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We believe that each person has the ability to contribute to building greater futures for our teams, clients and societies. Through TCS LeaD, we recognize the power of diverse perspectives in innovating for good, fueling inclusive and sustainable growth and creating shared value.

We live our values by nurturing and strengthening our inclusive and equitable culture, where each individual feels seen and heard and their contributions respected and valued, where each person feels a sense of belonging, confident in being their authentic full self, empowered to realize their full potential, become the best version of themselves and inspired to lead. 





TCS LeaD combines the focus on leadership and diversity. Through highly personalized programs, programmatic career mobility and access to opportunities globally, we enable current and future leaders from diverse segments to develop the skills and confidence to assume a greater role in working towards our shared purpose.

TCS is an equal opportunity employer, embracing diversity in race, nationality, ethnicity, gender, age, physical ability and orientation to create a workforce that reflects the societies in which we operate. Our continued commitment to diversity and inclusion is reflected in all areas of our work, across our workforce, equitable workplace policies and processes, our zero tolerance for discrimination and harassment, our culture and a more inclusive operating ecosystem. We have a long way to go in building a better and more inclusive world, and we are committed to pushing forward on that journey.

Our Journey in Data



48 %

Women in management

50 %

Management recruiting



                   RACE & ETHNICITY

75 %


62 %







46 %


37 %




Our Focus

Lead from within recognizes the leadership potential in each individual and builds on our commitment to nurture and groom the leaders of today and tomorrow. LeaD encompasses focused and personalized leadership development and mentorship programs, enables growth through programmatic career mobility, empowers through a culture of transparency, mobility and access, and ensures representation from across diverse segments. 



Inclusion without exception builds on the foundation of TCS’ values to create a culture where every individual is a champion of equity, where every policy and practice is an enabler and we continue to be the company of choice for a diverse workforce. Our unique diversity of the mind model elevates our workplace culture to build on individual strengths to collaborate, grow and innovate. 




Our ecosystem of collaborators

We believe that to truly make a meaningful impact, our work needs to extend beyond traditional boundaries. That is why we constantly look at our extended ecosystem to identify opportunities for collaboration, growth, learning and change. 


We strive to create a culture where each employee is a champion of equity and feels safe in bringing their full self to work, supported by our employee resource groups and allies of diversity and where access to opportunities create new progression paths driven by capabilities, passion and belief.


We work with our clients on their purpose-led transformation journeys, creating a porous environment where we share learning and best practices to build inclusive and equitable teams that work on shared goals and outcomes.


We work with our partners to constantly evolve our business through dialogue and investments in learning and leadership development to pave progression paths for our associates and teams.




We bring growth, equality and inclusion into our vendor and supplier ecosystem by expanding opportunity – and partnering with small and medium businesses to drive holistic business value.


We commit to creating greater parity across generations of underrepresented and underserved segments of society through programs that offer learning, guidance, mentorship and work opportunities.













Awards and Recognitions





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