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“Just having satisfied customers isn’t good enough anymore. If you really want a booming business, you have to create raving fans.” - Ken Blanchard, management guru

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way brands imagine events, sponsorship programs, and channel conversations, and completely altered human sentiment and engagement. Delivering an immersive, delightful experience consistently across the buying cycle has become the number one, shared goal of business leaders. In addition to the strategic imperatives of growing revenues, reducing risks, and containing costs, the new world order calls for a new set of responses as buying behavior has changed overnight.

As leaders struggle to juggle priorities, the new resilient leader emerges as the chief experience officer (CXO) – this could be a CEO, a CMO, the head of customer experience, a chief growth officer, or the head of customer success. A CXO takes on the role of a transformer or change agent. With intense competition and pressure on margins, the relentless quest to capture and retain customers for growth is the CXO’s new mandate. According to a research done by Salesforce, 99% of people feel that the brands they interact with are not meeting their expectations. With the weight of these expectations already upon them, brands need to internalize the new rules of customer experience in the post-COVID times where personalization at scale becomes the norm.

Customer Experience-driven Brand Loyalty

Targeting and engaging a digitally distracted consumer is the immediate priority for marketers. The increasingly cluttered marketplace is leading to reduced brand affinity unless the brands rediscover their customer journey. Almost every brand is struggling to get a composite view of its buyer, according to a recent CMO study. The deeper the engagement and experience, the stronger the emotions associated with the brand which will result in loyalty.

WOO (winning others over) with Strategy, Creativity and Technology

Understanding the job to be done and redefining the problem is more important now than solutioning an experience. It is essential not just to know your customer’s first impressions of a brand but every experience across the customer lifecycle.

This has created an urgent need for customer experience leaders to clearly recognize the brand opportunities within these customer lifecycle journeys – and leverage them. TCS can help marketers in these circumstances creating connected, impactful human experiences by bringing together strategy, creativity, and technology across the buying journey.

This in turn can have a deeply positive impact on a brand’s customer experience, optimizing every channel and touchpoint to best satisfy customers and win their brand loyalty. Brands also stand to gain other benefits such as increase in cross-sell and upsell revenue, shorter sales cycle, increased customer referrals and positive mentions, and major boosts to customer service efficacy.

The TCS Promise – Help for the Long Haul

We bring accelerators that jumpstart transformation of your customer experience journey so that you can focus on differentiation.

  • Design thinking to nurture fragile ideas and visualize the entire customer lifecycle strategy

  • Building communication plans for the right-channel right-content right-time experiences

  • Creating iconic experiences that are contextual to human needs

  • Engineer technology to build flexible and adaptable platforms to deliver a great customer experience

  • Operate marketing, sales, and service at scale with AI-led personalization and conversational experiences.

Our select services that pivot you toward CX success include:

CX Boost™: Revisit the customer touchpoints and remap to the new experience journey. Our CX Boost™ service uses TCS CX Assurance Platform Services to benchmark and assess your current CX maturity. We will help you adapt to new customer expectations and equip you with a 15-30-45-day action plan to lead the experience engagement.

ROI-by-Design™: Be confident about the impact of your CX initiatives. ROI-by-Design™ is TCS’ framework for setting experience-level objectives right at the initial ideation stage and measuring those experience-level benchmarks, enabling consistent and superior experiences across channels. If you are struggling with measuring the success of your CX initiatives, connect with us.

Reimagined Events: Don’t cancel your events, this is the time to engage. We can help you take the event digital, reimagine networking, improve your ROI through nurtured communities and extend the longevity of event engagement.

Secure Borderless Workspaces (SBWS)™: Deliberating about in-housing your marketing operations? Struggling with your content throughput when the need for empathetic engaging content is essential? We can scale up your creative and operations team with AI-led marketing transformations.

At TCS, we are partnering with our clients to help them navigate their customer journey and become purpose-driven brands.


Connect with Nisha Yohannan to move forward on your CX maturity and resilience.

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