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Creating a Collaborative Ecosystem for Claro
Arturo Galicia, IT Director; Edison Ramirez, IT Self-managing and Transformation Manager; and Oscar Frassinetti, Innovation and Experience Manager, talk about how TCS became an ally in Claro Peru’s digital transformation process.
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América Móvil Perú S. A. C.
Provide telephony, internet, and mobile and fixed television services

“This [agile transformation] has resulted in considerable savings, including the reduction of delivery times by nearly 65%: what used to take us 11 months to deliver, for example, now can be delivered in 3 or 4 months. In terms of cost, we made an assessment that it has saved us up to 28% in investment costs on systems development. All this has helped us achieve higher revenues and attract better clients.”

Arturo Galicia, IT Director, Claro

Experience Results

With TCS as its ally, Claro Peru trained more than 500 people in agile methodologies over the course of 70 workshops, alongside 30 agile cells. As a result, it managed to bring down its time-to-market by 65% and saved up to 28% in investment costs. The telco went from making deliveries once a year to delivering around four times a year with the help of TCS.

Experience Leadership

TCS is working closely with Claro Peru to drive business agility at multiple levels. On the basis of its successful agile transformation, the company collaborated further with TCS on a joint agile program that has made us a part of one of its biggest projects.

Experience Partnership

Lauding TCS’ partnership, Gerardo Trevino, Chief Information Officer, Axtel says “Today TCS is a partner who knows our operating model well and represents a strategic partner who understands our business objectives and is flexible to work together with our internal collaborators to achieve the final goal.”

He adds “In Axtel, our relationship history with TCS dates back since 2003, as one of our strategic partners we have executed vast range of projects with TCS which includes implementation of new systems, platform enhancements and integration of products/applications.”


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