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A pipeline to extract drug-adverse event pairs from multiple data sources

By SriJyothsna Yeleswarapu, Aditya Rao, Thomas Joseph, Vangala Govindakrishnan Saipradeep and Rajgopal Srinivasan, TCS

A research paper by TCS experts titled "A pipeline to extract drug-adverse event pairs from multiple data sources" was published in the reputed industry journal BMC Medical Informatics and Decision Making.

Pharmacovigilance aims to uncover and understand harmful side-effects of drugs, termed adverse events (AEs). Although the current process of pharmacovigilance is very systematic, the increasing amount of information available in specialized health-related websites as well as the exponential growth in medical literature presents a unique opportunity to supplement traditional adverse event gathering mechanisms with new-age ones.

The paper presents a semi-automated pipeline to extract associations between drugs and side effects from traditional structured adverse event databases as well as from non-traditional sources such as text from MEDLINE abstracts .

Read the complete paper here.


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