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TCS IUX Intelligent Transportation

Design Smart Mobility Solutions With TCS Cloud Platform


The Challenge

Amid the ongoing population explosion and haphazard urbanization, providing safe and affordable public transportation has emerged as a major challenge for city governments. There is a growing pressure on planners to augment the mobility infrastructure and ensure residents are able to move around with ease. For this, they need to focus on problems such as traffic congestion and poor road safety, and implement smart solutions leveraging actionable insights to optimize the transportation network.

TCS Solution

Designed to assist city leaders and planners provide superior mobility experience to dwellers, the TCS Intelligent Urban Exchange (IUX) for Transportation is an intelligent platform that provides real-time and trend views of wait time, queue build-up, and ridership across various routes and time slots.

With a plug-and-play modular architecture, the cloud-based platform provides real-time insights that can help transport operators anticipate and respond to the needs of citizens and decrease vehicle wait time, optimize vehicle frequency, and increase revenues through improved resource utilization.

The TCS IUX for Transportation is a smart platform that helps local governments deliver on-demand services to residents. It collects and analyzes all types of data for real-time, actionable insights to help city administrators keep their cities moving efficiently and safely now and in the future.


  • Reduce wait time and commute time
  • Make transport systems efficient to boost productivity
  • Align to citizen movement and demand patterns to boost capacity management
  • Increase demand for public transportation
  • Provide cost effective recommendations to maximize revenue
  • Make efficient use of existing infrastructure to optimize capacity utilization
  • Decrease road congestions by getting more people to avail public transport
  • Protect environment by reducing fuel consumption and carbon footprint
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