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TCS IUX for Workplace Resilience

Optimize Response to Business Disruptions on TCS Analytics Platform


The Challenge

As businesses face unprecedented challenges and disruptions in the COVID-19 era, the need for swift decisions based on rich data is greater than ever before. To overcome uncertainty that has become a permanent feature of business environment today, organizations need to dive deep into their data sources and draw insights that help restore operations while ensuring employee safety. This calls for an analytical solution that forecasts crisis and helps the business leadership respond proactively.

TCS Solution

Designed to provide global leaders an intelligent command center to help them make informed decisions, the TCS Intelligent Urban Exchange (IUX) for Workplace Resilience is a smart platform with analytical capabilities that helps enterprises coordinate their response to major disruptive events and address key operational and safety challenges.

By ingesting and applying real-time analytics to various type of data, the platform empowers decision makers with insights to monitor site by site execution, adhere to guidelines and regulatory requirements, and proactively plan for new threats and incidents. TCS IUX for Workplace Resilience comes with pre-built use cases to help enterprises reduce the impact of future crises.

This future-ready platform comes with features that allow businesses to monitor site-level risks and run what-if scenarios to plan responses while ensuring Business Continuity.


  • Make better decisions by leveraging data from the existing IT infrastructure
  • Use the Big Data Connected Intelligence Platform to rapidly scale business
  • Use integrated optimization algorithms to set targets with a goal-based approach
  • Introduce Crisis Management in Business by forecasting risks ahead of time
  • Reduce total cost of ownership and increase ROI with integration into existing IT system
  • Respond to crises in real-time and implement necessary measures accordingly
  • Stay compliant to laws and regulations of the country

IUX For Workplace Resilience

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