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TCS IUX Intelligent Water Management

Leverage TCS Cloud Platform for Safe and Reliable Water Delivery


The Challenge

As global population continues to grow at rapid pace, water utilities face a tough challenge of providing clean water and sanitation to consumers while reducing non-revenue water (NRW) and maximizing revenue. A large proportion of water supply is lost due to poorly managed distribution networks and availability of inadequate data on cost and causes of NRW. So, water utilities across the globe now need strategic intelligent solutions to ensure reliable water delivery in a cost-effective manner.

TCS Solution

Backed by real-time insights on distribution network, the TCS Intelligent Urban Exchange (IUX) for Water Management is a modular, cloud application that helps water utilities launch smart water initiatives quickly and cost-effectively.

Built on a robust IUX platform for Big Data, the application can collect and analyze data from multiple sources to generate next-step recommendations and help governments, utilities and water technology partners adopt a proactive approach to water loss management.

TCS IUX Intelligent Water Management comes armed with out-of-the-box use cases to solve water conservation challenges while delivering Opex and Capex savings. Besides, the application comes with features such as rich API, recommended actions, and GIS data that notifies utilities of sudden breaches in KPIs, accelerates monetization, develops custom solutions and optimizes capital allocation.


  • Predict and mitigate losses by enhancing decision-making
  • Reduce capital expenses with As-a-Service subscription pricing
  • Improve maintenance operations by predicting failures
  • Develop custom applications by accessing data and alerts from IUX platform
  • Use cloud-based applications to reduce IT infrastructure overheads
  • Integrate partner data through standard or user-defined data interfaces
  • Build smart Water Utility Management system with predictive analysis
  • Accelerate monetization by connecting to IUX platform using APIs and applications

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