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TCS Implements Digital Tax Filing System

Indian Income Tax Department transforms taxpayer services through revamped e-filing system.

Directorate of Income Tax, GoI
Public Services
Revenue & taxation


Indian tax system lacked transparency and efficiency, struggled under expanding tax base.

India’s Income Tax department needed to make their processes convenient and reliable for both taxpayers and tax officials. Taxpayers found tax procedures to be slow, inaccurate, and complex. Bogged down by manual processes, tax officials too faced challenges in ensuring efficient tax collection and refund management. With India’s growing number of taxpayers, the tax department struggled to manage the scale and complexity of operations thereby reducing transparency and increasing the burden on the stakeholders involved. 


TCS deploys online e-filing system to usher in speed and convenience.

India’s tax department sought to deliver a more responsive, accessible, transparent, and reliable e-filing system to taxpayers. Aligned with that goal,

Our Web-based solution offers users all the information required to file returns online. We simplified the site navigation and provided easy-to-find links to key modules. We added a comprehensive online tracking feature to enable email and SMS notifications about return processing and refunds. Users can provide their feedback and address issues via a dedicated grievance management section on the portal.

The number of registered taxpayers has soared to 41.2 million as of July 2016.

For an enhanced user experience on both desktops and mobiles, our solution offers high availability, optimal response times, scalability, and interoperability. We ensure watertight security, eliminate redundancies, and foster on-demand and on-time information.

Several other modules covering different aspects of income tax were also integrated into the e-filing system, making it a comprehensive solution that provided convenient and efficient tax management for both citizens and tax department.

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