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Early Warning System for Counterparty Risk Management

Tracking news in real-time to better monitor counterparties’ financial health

Considering the large number of counterparties that financial institutions deal with, the importance of accurately assessing counterparty risk by monitoring the financial health of these entities cannot be underestimated. The existing evaluation process, however, often fails to give a reliable picture of potential risks as real-time business, financial, and market conditions and forward-looking information are ignored. To augment the existing process, banks must adopt an early warning system capable of regularly tracking news sites and triggering real-time alerts when an event that can potentially cause adverse financial impact on a counterparty is detected. This will help banks to discern threats earlier and proactively take action to mitigate risk.

Before implementing an early warning system to improve counterparty credit risk management, banks must:

  • Evaluate the gaps in their existing risk assessment processes
  • Identify the online sources that must be scanned to customize the solution to their specific needs
Nishant Kumar

Domain Consultant, Risk and Compliance Practice, Banking, Financial Services and Insurance, TCS

Surender Reddy

Functional Consultant, Risk Management CoE, TCS

Prashant Singh

Functional Consultant, Risk Management CoE, TCS

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