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Driving sustainable growth by embracing the ecosystem banking model 

With their ability to drive sustainable growth, ecosystem models are fast emerging as key to the future of banking. Given customers approach banks to achieve a purpose or goal, banks must build the capability to meet changing, end-to-end needs through a single platform instead of just offering siloed services without considering the end-purpose. Accomplishing this will require banks to build purpose-driven banking ecosystems that offer end-to-end services and deliver value beyond banking. To realize the vision of purpose-driven banking, banks must become a part of customers’ lives and deliver to the evolving customer context by expanding into areas that go beyond merely selling banking products and services.

To successfully switch to the ecosystem banking model, banks will need to initiate measures in specific areas:

  • New products and services

  • Customer journey management

  • Core system modernization and reimagining functions

  • Branch and assisted channels

Hari Krishna Prasad G

Lead, Industry Advisory Group, Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance, TCS

Srinivasa Kumar Yerchuru

Head, Industry Advisory Group, Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance, TCS


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