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Through its skill-building programs and strategic alliances with educational institutions, TCS LATAM has been able to reach out to a significant number of women in local communities. Building on the theme of educating young women, the LATAM team in 2017 observed International Girls in Technology Week. We organized conferences, workshops, and talks by IT experts from within and outside TCS in order to encourage women to take up careers in the field of technology.

Our LATAM NGO partner, Forge Foundation, and Mexico’s National Chamber of Electronics, Telecommunications, and Information Technology, CANIETI, together helped us achieve our target of reaching more than 2,000 women through STEM programs in the region. In Mexico, we also hosted another big event for women in IT in partnership with CodigoX. Attendees participated in hackathons, firechats, and participative sessions.

Meanwhile, our ENABLE program continues to flourish in the region, with its latest iteration being active in Chile. As part of the program, Chilean entrepreneurs from under-represented sections of society will be made digitally literate. The aim is to promote access to computing science skills and thereby enable efficient development of small business initiatives. Through a 20-hour training module, TCS volunteers have been able to touch the lives of more than 325 entrepreneurs so far.

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