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Organizations must undertake a holistic life-cycle view of all products and services and enable their entire ecosystem to act with the closed-loop cradle-to-cradle principle. This entails not only designing, sourcing, transporting, producing and disposing sustainably, but also building in transparency across the life of a product or a service. 


We can help you

Take a product life cycle approach 

  • Sustainability based design & Engineering
  • Product Life Cycle Assessments
  • Launch sustainability-focused Products and enter sustainable markets
  • Sustainable Production
  • EHS Compliance
  • Sustainable Packaging

Make your suppliers more sustainable

  • Supply chain Track and trace
  • Scope 3 Management & Reporting
  • Social Sustainability in value chain
  • Value chain Risk Assessment 

Drive Sustainable Mobility 

  • Logistics Optimization
  • Low-carbon Logistics & Distribution
  • Electric Mobility
  • Warehouse optimization

Re-use, Re-capture, Re-cycle 

  • Product Use & Life Enhancement
  • Sharing Economy & Re-sale Market
  • Eco-Labeling
  • Re-cycle & Re-Capture





TCS Sustainable by Design

Suite of offerings help manufacturers enable ecosystem driven business models with sustainability and circularity principles embedded across processes, operations, products and business models. Sustainable by Design



TCS Envirozone™

Helps organizations in end-to-end carbon emission management by adopting carbon-neutral strategies. It mitigates supplier-sourcing, operational and upstream sustainability risks for a sustainable supply chain. TCS ENVIROZONE™ 



TCS Autoscape™ 

Connected Vehicle Solutions address market opportunities and accelerate customers’ journey in the connected vehicle space with the following offerings: Business advisory, connected vehicle experience, vehicle in cloud etc. TCS Autoscape


TCS iClose-loop

This solution will digitally reimagine the way packagaging can be collected and recycled. TCS ENVIROZONE™: Tracking greenhouse emissions and SDG activities