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The notion of ‘experience’, or employee experience as we know it — and its implications for the post-pandemic workforce — has undergone a significant shift. The context of our employees, customers, communities and the organization as such, has changed dramatically. We now engage, consume, collaborate and design in a manner that would have been inconceivable before the pandemic.

We have worn multiple hats, fulfilled multiple role identities at the same time and in the same space, often from our homes, behind curated screens; transitioning from being the employee in a meeting to the home schooler, a carer to a parent or a partner coping with relationship issues or mental well-being. The morphing of work and social identities is real. 

For organizations, this has meant the acknowledgement of multiple personas and competing priorities, having to step up to play a larger role by accommodating this shift in context. This may be in the form of providing greater flexibility to fulfil personal commitments or address emotional well-being in a more holistic fashion versus just workplace health and safety, to provide meaningful experiences.

With the physical workplace increasingly being replaced by virtual experiences and hybrid options, enabling work to be conducted from any place, it is evident that experience is deeply personal to the context of individuals and goes beyond the realm of moments that matter at work, or hire to retire.

As we design holistic future experiences, it is key that we focus on the ‘individual as a whole’ and not just the part where they are an employee, a systems thinking approach. It is our belief that holistic experiences would lie at the intersection of the individual, the employee and the society.

In this paper, we explore the post-pandemic shift in the notion of experience, and the role of leadership and technology in designing future experiences.

Rashmi Bhaskar Mukherjee

Lead, HR Strategy and Transformation Consulting, TCS

Ashok Krish

Global Head, Digital Workplace, TCS