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Today, software companies use several digital tools to train customers, partners, and other independent product users on their products and solutions. Often, these are disparate training programs from various vendors, making it difficult for stakeholders to find the best-suited learning modules based on roles and responsibilities. What these firms need is centralized, accessible, and role-based learning experiences to match different stakeholder needs and changing business requirements.

TCS Solution

To help independent service vendors (ISVs) address their learning and development challenges, TCS offers Enablement-as-a-Service (ENaaS) - a digital learning management platform to enable easily accessible, role-based learning programs for partners, customers, and other independent product users. and step-by-step guidance. An integrative and collaborative platform, ENaaS ensures quick onboarding with on-demand learning programs that can adapt in-house training modules to a virtual classroom. Learners can benefit from hands-on product experience through virtual environments in simulation labs.

ENaas helps ISVs manage churn with enriched, skill-enhancing digital content and personalized learning modules along with a secured and proctored environment for certifications.


With TCS’ offering, ISVs can enjoy the following benefits:

  • Quick onboarding of learners for providing hands-on product training and certification

  • Enriched digital learning and skill development platform to manage churn

  • Contextual on-demand learning to empower support teams

  • Updated and readily available information for customer satisfaction

  • Attested certifications for improved brand visibility

  • Enhanced multi-stakeholder learning experiences with best-in-class technologies

  • Refined learning strategies and better resource management for organizational L&D needs

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