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50 %

 reduction in manual and automated reports using digital, real-time dashboard


of annual savings enabled


"The collaboration between EDF and TCS has been outstanding, resulting in a ServiceNow implementation which provides our employees as well as customers a true digital experience.”

Kelvin Wing, Chief Information Officer, EDF Energy




EDF’s IT system for incident handling was purely manual, leaving no room for modernization.

EDF wanted to serve its business and residential customers better by improving the response time to rising energy demands. To achieve this, the company needed to provide its employees with the right tools for improved productivity, better collaboration and an enhanced IT experience at a reduced cost to serve. However, the company’s highly customized service management system with largely manual processes and limited potential for automation made it difficult to predict or prevent system failures and provide an overall resilient service



EDF modernizes its architecture and automates mission-critical IT services.

TCS supported EDF’s transformation initiatives by implementing the Rapid Now 2.0 framework, pre-configured with ITSM industry best practices on the ServiceNow instance. The contextual knowledge of EDF’s landscape helped TCS accelerate the turnaround time, as it overhauled the customer’s mission-critical IT services by:

  • Leveraging the RapidNow 2.0 Framework, tailor-made to operate within a reengineered service architecture
  • Enabling the adoption of ServiceNow, a managed service platform (MSP)
  • Extending the use of agile methodology, where each version release produced a minimum viable product (MVP) with new features
  • Delivering a configurable and centralized ITSM platform in collaboration with mvIT, a portal capable of integrating all IT monitoring tools and providing end-to-end visibility of service health


The platform upgradation enabled a multitude of additional capabilities, including automated provisioning using information technology operations management (ITOM), systemized security and vulnerability management using SecOps, while seamlessly integrating with other systems such as M365 through the mvIT portal


UK utilities major reduces operational costs.

The hosted platform helped EDF integrate all IT monitoring tools and transfer the risk and system maintenance to service providers. This not only provided end-to-end visibility of service health but also ensured maximum uptime.


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