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Utilities are operating in a new energy economy characterized by a shift towards renewable energy resources to achieve net zero goals and beyond. In addition, distributed energy resources, non-energy product bundles, self-generation, and e-mobility services are compelling utilities to reimagine the way they work. To compete effectively and support net zero targets, utilities will need to accelerate digital transformation to build new capabilities, business models, and revenue streams. However, legacy IT systems, dependencies on commercial off-the-shelf solutions, and diverse and decentralized data can make enterprise-wide digital transformation difficult. In addition to investing in digital technologies, leveraging a platform-centric approach will drive enterprise agility and support innovation through self-organizing, and easy-to-govern units.

Aninda Mukherjee

Head of Strategy and Consulting, Utilities, TCS

Sandeep Choudhury

Solution Architect, Utilities, TCS