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Changing consumer preferences and the shift to more sustainable energy sources is compelling utilities to rethink their business models, products and services. In addition, decentralization, decarbonization and digitization require a more well-planned and innovative customer inclusion approach. As digital-savvy prosumers (acting as both consumers and producers of energy) transition to renewable energy technologies they will seek better collaboration, convenience, and choice from utilities. From remote predictive maintenance to peer-to-peer trading and smart home automation, utilities must leverage intuitive digital solutions to enhance customer experience. These include:

  • IoT-enabled solutions, such as smart grid, energy efficiency management and smart meters
  • Big data and analytics to anticipate outages and leakages, and avoid financial and environmental damages
  • Edge computing to better manage and monitor operations at a higher level of data granularity


Huma Khan
Head, Innovation and Transformation, Utilities, TCS