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Soon, energy will become decentralised, decarbonised, and digital, and the current model of central power generation will get disrupted or cease to exist.

Utilities will need to play differently to access business and technical competencies from both partners and competitors through co-creation and co-opetition.

In this new role, utilities will become more relevant and experience driven, adopting new roles and responsibilities to create a platform for new business models.

TCS Solution

TCS Energy Value Ecosystem is a framework that

Our range of offerings varies from affinity services for empowered consumers (connected home & home energy services) to sustainability services (distributed generation forecasting & integration)—to electrification of mobility (electric vehicle charging platforms).

Leveraging our expertise, utilities can concentrate on their core functions and:

  • Build new energy services, aggregate and expand their business competencies in new service domains like home energy service, insurance service etc.
  • Build a platform for an energy value ecosystem using digital spine, intelligent social enterprise, and experience first platform—or combine both business & technical competencies and become a leader in energy value ecosystem.


  •  Provide a platform for utilities to adopt new roles in collaboration with customers and partners
  • Help utilities acquire business and technical competencies for new business models
  • Identify the right partners for sharing economy, infrastructure, technology etc.
  • Define the right architecture for multi speed IT, cloud integration, and API-fication

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