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Enterprise Application Transformation Services

Drive growth and productivity with effective operations



Enterprises are combining technology forces such as the Internet of Things, cloud, social media, and Big Data to create disruptive business models powered by tightly knit networks and IT ecosystems. Some companies are, however, unable to keep up with the connected and empowered consumer, the tough competition coming from within and outside the industry, global pressures, and the ever-changing legal, political, and regulatory environment.

TCS Solution

TCS’ Enterprise Application Transformation Services help companies drive enterprise-wide, cross-functional improvements within business operations. 

  • Provide end-to-end services, from strategy to benefit realization, with an emphasis on business integration.

TCS manages enterprise transformations from initial assessment to modernization and simplification stages, before managing ongoing expansion and innovations.


  1. Drive operational efficiencies and improve the application portfolio

  2. Enable migration to cloud infrastructures while reducing the entry cost threshold

  3. Modernize the computing environment

  4. Remove location and platform-specific dependencies

  5. Deliver results according to logical and defined plans and processes

  6. Reduce the number and diversity of systems in the environment for greater efficiency

  7. Increase application flexibility for enterprise integration


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