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  • 39% of the businesses are planning to have their enterprise software on cloud, as per the 2020 TCS COVID-19 Business Impact Survey.
  • Challenges in synergizing existing and new applications make it tough for enterprises to realize value from their cloud journeys.
  • TCS Compass redefines your enterprise application transformation strategy and roadmap, and creates the playbook for next-gen cloud transformations.



Industry leaders are focused on creating a sustainable enterprise and driving growth with digital and cloud technologies. 

Defining the architecture, strategy, and blueprint for enterprise transformation has been challenging due to multiple factors. These include continuously evolving business models, varying product offerings and maturity, and lack of clarity around business change impact  and insight into the organization’s readiness for change. The typical questions that a business leader faces are:

  • How can we define an IT architecture aligned to our business objectives?
  • Is there a roadmap that can minimize the risk of transition and deliver incremental value?
  • Are there reference business cases with actionable insights to synergize and modernize enterprise applications on SaaS cloud?


TCS Compass helps organizations build a digitally powered enterprise application strategy with next-gen architecture to unlock new business value.


tcs compass

Designed to help organizations build an enterprise transformation strategy, TCS Compass offers a strategic set of features.

  • Provides pre-built value grids and value statements to help organizations derive and define the business capability framework based on the organization’s vision and business objectives.
  • Defines the target enterprise application and technology architecture aligned to the business value framework and helps choose the best-fit platform.
  • Defines the transformation roadmap based on the extent of business change and the organization’s readiness for change with a focus on quick wins with incremental changes.
  • Provides transparency on the total cost of ownership and determines the potential value of your product to build a compelling business case and improve ROI.



With its proven framework, robust tools, TCS Compass helps create a strategic roadmap for enterprise-wide transformation.

It helps define a holistic blueprint for delivering exponential business value, minimizing the risk of transition, and enhancing stakeholder buy-in to build a resilient digital business.

  • Strategic business value alignment: Drives business value in alignment to the organization’s vision.
  • Future-proofing business and technology: Helps define future-ready application architecture and choose a purpose-fit platform to maximize business value delivery.
  • High-gain, risk-mitigated journey to a modernized platform: Drives a robust deployment strategy for seamless transition of people, process, and technology to target state.
  • Robust case for change: Build business case for transformation driven by realistic business value statements.



Industry-leading advisory framework to future-proof your application landscape with agile, automation, and cloud.

  • Business value-centric approach aimed at maximizing business outcomes through resilience and continuous innovation.
  • Rich industry and domain expertise powered by strategic partnerships with market-leading enterprise application vendors.
  • A holistic pre-built solution encompassing business models and technology architecture with best practices enabling rapid assessments.


Transform enterprise apps with TCS Compass 

A comprehensive advisory framework with pre-built solutions to create a holistic blueprint for enterprise transformation. 


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