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Organizations are constantly chasing a competitive edge by scaling functionalities, introducing new offerings, and improving profitability. Running traditional on-premise infrastructure and monolithic software stacks makes this difficult. Migrating to cloud is the true transformation catalyst for organizations, but finding a best-fit transformation plan can be challenging. Today’s organizations need a scalable, flexible cloud solution that allows them to innovate business processes and tap new markets.

TCS Solution

with end-to-end capabilities across advisory services, migration and implementation, ongoing support, and managed services. We create a transformation pathway shaped by an in-depth assessment of customized business needs. Our comprehensive Oracle Cloud services provide a one-stop solution to addresses organizations’ challenges with flexible cloud adoption, migration, and management strategies on OCI.

As a trusted and experienced transformation partner, Oracle Cloud system integrator and application support provider, TCS offers a single-window solution for mitigating the challenges faced with cloud migrations, from business case and ROI development to cloud capacity planning, provisioning, migrating, monitoring, and support.


  • Set up a single interoperable solution comprising IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS
  • Move to cloud with reduced risk leveraging our initial ‘move and improve’ approach
  • Adopt cloud-native features, move to a SaaS solution without disruption
  • Migrate workloads to OCI and shift from capex to opex model
  • Provide application and infrastructure support under a managed services model
  • Improve productivity, availability, and security for Oracle Business Suite with OCI that scales with ease
  • Gain flexibility to use only what is needed without losing compatibility and security

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