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The Challenge

Traditional databases running on dedicated servers and storage create an inflexible ecosystem that is cumbersome and time-consuming to manage. In addition, most organizations continue to use multiple databases that run in silos. This makes it challenging to perform day-to-day database management, ensure compliance checks, and improve security management. A scalable and secure cloud database management system that helps reduce mundane administrative tasks and speeds up time-to-market for applications is crucial to accelerate the development of cloud-native applications.

TCS Solution

Tata Consultancy Services’ (TCS’) Enterprise Cloud Platform Database-as-a-Service (ECP DBaaS) is a fully managed DBaaS solution that helps minimize mundane database management work. Built and accessed through TCS’ Enterprise Cloud Platform, the highly scalable and secure solution encompasses database provisioning, administration, monitoring, management, and backup.

In addition, it ensures privacy and data control while providing services such as upgrades, patch management, performance tuning and migration. The key features of the solution include:

  • A product-agnostic cloud database management platform
  • Automated administration process for faster provisioning of new databases
  • Faster delivery of database instances to developers, testers and architects
  • Centralized management of all databases
  • A comprehensive service-level agreement (SLA)


  • Rapid provisioning and creation of new databases to lower cost and improve time-to-market
  • Improved operational efficiency through highly accessible, centralized and secure database environment
  • Substantial reduction in TCO through reliable and affordable solution backed by end-to-end support to drive reduced TCO 


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