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Many enterprise digital transformations focus solely on adopting new technologies with minimal synchronization with their business goals. As a result, employees are unable to considerably reduce manual effort and single-mindedly pursue innovation and growth. This calls for an end-to-end transformation roadmap that helps CxOs rapidly initiate programs to improve customer experience and build models for continuous growth.

TCS Solution

Designed to help organizations build a future-ready digital foundation that allows them to enhance innovation and easily adapt to changing market dynamics, .

With smart capabilities such as strategic insights and value realization, organization change management, and preconfigured business and industry solutions, the framework supports emerging technologies, such as AI and advanced analytics, to drive innovation and growth. It also accelerates the time to market by 25-30% and ensures competitiveness by implementing a digital core and intelligent technologies with TCS Crystallus™.

From ideation to execution, TCS Enterprise Navigator takes a holistic and measurable approach to modernize enterprise-wide processes. The solution enhances user experience and helps organizations prepare to sustain change amid disruption.


With TCS Enterprise Navigator, enterprises across the world can experience the following benefits:

  • Achieve increased revenue opportunities faster
  • Become resilient by leveraging innovative solutions
  • Improve operational efficiency and reduce costs with integrated supply chain
  • Drive predictive decision-making with advanced analytics
  • Think futuristically with a reimagined operating model
  • Achieve long-lasting innovation with intelligent technologies
  • Ensure efficiency and process optimization through automation
  • Elevate user experience and help employees focus on strategic initiatives

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