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Government systems are often perceived as dinosaurs -- slow, bulky and outdated. For far too long and far too often, we have seen government departments plagued by the following problems: the use of multiple URLs; sub-optimal utilization of taxpayers’ money; high bring down administrative costs; and ineffective service delivery.

TCS Solution

TCS’ DigiGOV Enterprise Portal is a comprehensive web-enabled service portal that helps in governance by acting as an electronic gateway into the government’s portfolio of services. It is a holistic and integrated solution that provides a wide range of services to its enterprise stakeholders digitally. The portal offers a single, digitalized window to access all services. Furthermore, it allows for SLA monitoring, is smartphone-compliant, and can integrate with all other third-party governance portal systems smoothly. The solution enables government agencies to act as an extended arm of government officials.


  • Personalization

  • Profile management

  • Document repository

  • Platform to host business services

  • Analytics and dashboards

  • Anytime, anywhere access

  • Secure online payment

  • SLA monitoring

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