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The company needed to enhance its security operations and identity and access management.

Having acquired a global energy firm recently, TCS’ client was faced with sub-optimal IT security processes and policies, disparate processes and redundant legacy systems, posing a threat to its business performance. Employee efficiency was also hampered as personnel were not being utilized to their full potential. Further, the lack of real-time centralized threat visibility resulted in longer turnaround time to identify, respond and remediate business threats, and caused poor user experience due to lack of advanced security analytics.

TCS built a multi-year roadmap for identity access management.




TCS ensured consistent security enforcement by building security guardrails.


TCS built centralized security monitoring for the energy major’s IT and OT systems.

TCS deployed managed security services across the client’s information technology (IT)and operational technology (OT) ecosystems to strengthen the security posture. TCS prepared a multi-year roadmap to modernize and automate security operations and identity and access management processes, improving user experience and integrating processes and technologies. The implementation of a scalable and efficient identity and access management solution helped the client harmonize 11 disparate systems to a single system of records, also establishing automated user provisioning, mailbox and personal drives for 25,000 users.

By improving the efficiency of the process of performing patch management, TCS helped identify critical assets and reduce vulnerability of the most critical zones. We helped the energy company conduct various POCs for security products to proactively identify the threats before they turned into incidents and facilitated initiatives to identify the privileged accounts and align them to role-based access control (RBAC). TCS’ solution identified the unused active accounts and disabled them as required.


The energy company enjoys centralized security monitoring using security orchestration, automated  response.

TCS established a centralized security monitoring solution for the company’s IT and OT systems and implemented managed security services. TCS helped the client reduce security incident mean time to detect and mean time to respond, integrating OT security logs into IT security monitoring systems.




in cost avoidance with license optimization 


per year cost benefit by creating synergies within team


increased SOC maturity 


more operational stability 

1.3% from 50% 

reduction in false positive rate


round-the-clock availability 


remediation of demilitarized zone vulnerabilities and 70% Windows-based historic vulnerabilities for a 40% overall risk reduction


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