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European Financial Firm Streamlines Processes

TCS transitions business applications to new Identity and Access Management (IAM) platform.

Large European Bank
Banking and Financial Services
Cyber Security Services

Bank seeks to comply with SOX, FINMA, and other regulatory requirements.

A prominent European financial services institution found that it took too long to move business applications to the new IAM system, and the sheer number of such applications was increasing, adding to cost and complexity. Resolution of support tickets was delayed, driving up integration and support costs. Persuading all business groups to use the new application was also a challenge. More importantly, the IAM system did not meet regulatory requirements, such as those imposed by the Swiss authority FINMA.


TCS migrates 2600+ high risk applications to IAM platform with unified access control.

We facilitated an integrated transition, encompassing consulting, operations, and support services, thus enabling cross knowledge sharing. Our IAM consultants and domain experts enabled the application team to understand and identify the right security logic—RBAC, ABAC, and PBAC. We conducted a series of workshops and sessions with the application owners and application architects to understand the IAM ecosystem, and further identify right security context for their applications and onboard them.

TCS enabled the bank to comply with all applicable regulatory norms.

Our teams also analyzed issues and suggested appropriate solutions, either through platform enhancement or process improvements.

Through our engagement, we enabled the client organization to consolidate IAM platforms to a defined strategic platform, while maintaining a single point of contact throughout the migration process.

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