Everest Group PEAK Matrix for Insurance Business Process Services Providers: Focus on TCS

Everest Group released its report titled “A PEAK into the Leaders, Major Contenders and Emerging Players of Insurance BPO,” which analyzes the changing dynamics of the Insurance Business Process Service landscape and assesses service providers across several key dimensions.

In this report, TCS was designated as a Leader in Insurance Business Process Services.

Everest Group updated its classification of 10+ service providers on the Everest Group Performance l Experience l Ability l knowledge (PEAK) Matrix for insurance BPO into the following three categories:

  • Leaders
  • Major Contenders
  • Emerging Players

The PEAK Matrix is a framework that provides an objective, data-driven, and comparative assessment of insurance BPO service providers based on their absolute market success and delivery capability.

Among the attributes that earned TCS the prominent position are its firm UK presence (through Diligenta) and strong market traction in the L&P line of business, investment to replicate its success in the closed books L&P market in the UK along with North-American market and its high revenue yield from its contracts.

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