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How AI performance management teams navigate the AI application development maze

As the world moves toward ubiquitous connectivity, everything -- devices, machines, cameras, and humans – is generating humongous data points like logs, audios, images, videos, and more.

Organizations are now analyzing these data points to extract intelligence and create a new range of services. Building intelligence involves analyzing these data sets for patterns with the help of technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, and deep learning to create factories of the future, autonomous vehicles, smart and safe cities, smart farming and so on. Highlighted below are some of the key issues that AI stakeholders need to consider to accelerate their AI programs:

  • Data sets

  • Infrastructure and network

  • Algorithms and frameworks 

  • AI deployment, model management and governance

Every AI application has its own complexity. It is good to have an AI Performance Management (AIPM) team that has the expertise to deal with the complexities of AI application development, build reference architectures, frameworks, tools, and understand governance procedures.

Sridhar CV

Head, Alliances, Incubation, Research and Innovation, TCS

Ravindran Subbiah

Entrepreneur-in-Residence (EIR), and Head, AI Performance Management Program, TCS

Nitin Hanjankar

Global Head, Presales, Marketing and Alliances, Incubation, Research and Innovation, TCS


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