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Fingerprints are considered the holy grail of criminal-solving performance and general government record-keeping. With more than thousands of criminal and civil biometric entries being added into federal databases every day, law enforcement and forensic teams require a quick-access, secure, and low-weight system for capturing, searching, verifying, and retrieving IDs. The key here is to not trade off accessibility while securing biometric information, and this presents a complex challenge for public sector business users.

TCS Solution

TCS’ DigiGOV FACTS (Fingerprint Analysis and Criminal Tracing System) streamlines the identification, registration, and verification of biometric data. It helps government organizations such as law enforcement agencies and civilian duties accelerate data transfer and simplify authentication. DigiGOV FACTS suite comes with the following modules:

FACTS@PS: This fingerprint analysis and tracing system facilitate police personnel to submit a biometric search from police stations using live scanners.

Lights Out Search (LOS): For any rolled/plain prints captured by the police, the tool allows fingerprint search against the database with minimal manual assistance.

Palmprint Identification and Criminal Tracing System (PACTS): This assists in the identification of criminals using their palmprints.

Criminal Attribute Database (CADB): This is a master repository used for storing criminal attributes and crime details.


  • Easy access with anytime-anywhere web-based UI 

  • Enhanced accuracy with digital image processing and pattern recognition algorithms 

  • Ability to handle large volumes of searches without manual intervention 

  • Scalability through grid computing-based technology 

  • Comprehensive design to store both slap prints and plain prints 

  • Improved verification of disputed specimens

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