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Kanwaljit Singh
CoE Lead, CCM Practice
22 June 2018

Graduating from Customer Communication to Engagement

It would be mere cliché to say that customers are the heartbeat of all businesses. Meeting customer expectation as well as developing a healthy relationship is crucial to the success of business. Challenged by increasing customer expectations and mounting competition, businesses struggle to acquire new customers and retain existing ones. Strong customer engagement is seen as the answer to higher revenues and retention of customers for business growth. According to a Gallup study on customer engagement and its business impacts, an engaged customer, in the retail banking industry, brings an average of 37% more revenue into their primary bank than actively disengaged customers. Similarly, in consumer electronics, fully engaged shoppers visit their preferred retailer 44% more frequently than actively disengaged shoppers.

Traditionally, Customer Communications Management (CCM) supports the delivery of business correspondence throughout a customer’s journey. Today, CCM vendors are optimizing customer experience and improving engagement by implementing consistent and easy interactions across all channels and throughout the customer journey.

Here are five ways CCM helps enterprises engage with their customers:

Interactive Communication

Next-gen CCM solutions are capable of initiating the sales or support cycle on customer preferred channels and continue to interact with a customer until the transaction is completed. Solutions like interactive email, fillable PDF forms, and online web/mobile portals, help customers interact with enterprises through their personal mobile devices on the fly, instead of traditional methods of communication and personal visits to offices and support centers.

Marketing Campaigns

Modernized CCM systems are now managing simple business processes as well and enable enterprises to initiate more relevant and personalized marketing campaigns through communication channels of customer preference. These CCM generated marketing messages can be tailored to contain highly rich text content and heavier images and multimedia embedded into it. Enterprises are making the best use of these features and leveraging the opportunity to embed marketing messages along with regular correspondence communication requested by customer. For example, banking companies are embedding marketing content along with monthly statements to engage the customer and keep them updated with their new products.

Personalized Communication

Most recent addition to the CCM system capabilities, is the power to integrate communication plat-forms with voice assistants and allow the delivery of personalized content through chat bots. Chat bots are logic-driven and rely on current and accurate customer data and content. Many CCM vendors have already come up with integration capabilities with voice assistants and chat bots to deliver personalized messages, information, and transactional document to customers in real time.

So, while choosing a CCM solution with chat bot functionality won’t make the chat bot any more capable of replacing humans in the near future, it can certainly help improve customer engagement and satisfaction by making chat bot interactions more consistent, relevant, and helpful.

Mobilizing Business

Effective customer engagement is not possible without meeting expectations of customers. Today’s customers demand flexibility, simplicity, convenience, and services anywhere anytime. CCM solutions are matured to a level that besides focusing on customers, they now empower business users and field agents as well. With CCM, field agents and business users can provide service anywhere – even at customers’ door step – and complete related processes online. This spares customers from a personal visit to their service provider’s facility. Other benefits include reduced IT dependency.

Omni-channel with Preferred Platform

CCM solutions empower enterprises to communicate and deliver customer correspondences through their mobile gadgets, supporting the screen size and format irrespective of the device type and platform. With the increasing trend of social networking among customers, next gen CCM systems are also capable of communicating through social channels. The touch points with customers have increased and CCM solutions are keeping pace with new touch points as they emerge.

About the author(s)
Kanwaljit Singh
CoE Lead, CCM Practice

Kanwaljit Singh leads the CCM CoE focusing on major CCM products including OpenText Exstream. Kanwal's current responsibilities include pre-sales, consulting, solution architecture, re-usable solutions, delivery review, digital transformation, innovation, and competency development.

Kanwal has been working on multiple CCM products for over a decade. He is well versed about and developed several solutions with products such as OpenText StreamServe, OpenText Exstream, Adobe LiveCycle, DOC1, and ISIS-Papyrus. His experience also spans different data integration techniques and formats, design and implementation of batch, and on-demand customer communication, and pre and post processing techniques and implementations.