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Flowserve transforms e-commerce experience for customers

TCS helps reduce operating costs and increase sales with the new solution. 

Flowserve Corporation
Enterprise Solutions – Oracle Ecommerce


Flowserve looked to deploy a unified global e-commerce application

Flowserve lacked a global, unified e-commerce application. Distributors had to access multiple portals which resulted in inconsistent processes, pricing rules, and user experience across different lines of business and geographies. The cost of maintaining multiple store fronts with limited up-selling and cross-selling opportunities and the risk of technology obsolescence were also posing a challenge. So, Flowserve decided to invest in consolidating the multiple portals and streamlining the customer buying experience.



TCS helps build a new application with minimal business impact

. After an extensive study of the manufacturer’s current application landscape, processes, and pain points, TCS put together a detailed blueprint to map the key requirements.

The solution included a comprehensive list of e-commerce functionalities including registration, profile management, product search, and more, and integrated with external applications for tax calculation, payment, and order submission. It incorporated a rich browse and buy experience across geographies and various lines of business. The solution was developed to be highly scalable and used across multiple devices and browsers.

“The solution helped us improve our customer buying experience.”

Jody Drap, Director – Distribution, Flowserve

The solution was deployed successfully with minimum disruption to business operations during the transition. Joint application development sessions with Flowserve helped TCS understand the business challenges and user requirements accurately and this led to an implementation that was on-time and within budget. TCS also assisted the company in change management to ensure successful rollout of the global solution.

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