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Each hotel guest has unique requirements and preferences. So, how can business enhance wallet share and contextualize offerings by dynamically building offers and pricing them appropriately to suit each guest’s preferences? The challenge lies in understanding the choices of guests and building relevant offers from a plethora of products and services. How can the hotel business drive reservations through owned channels by providing disruptive and unique offerings tailored to each reservation?


TCS Solution

A bundling engine that continuously learns from historic as well as recent data, to dynamically create unique bundle of ancillaries along with the core product — ROOM, for every reservation.

A pricing engine that creates the best-suited price point for multiple bundles presented to the guests.

The combination of bundling and pricing engine creates a value-driven choice of packages, unique for every reservation. These engines can be plugged into any sales channel or even a campaign management system to predict the choice of packages per season, per geography, per customer segment.


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