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“We see data coming from everywhere these days–from watches to refrigerators…”, says Susan Cook, CEO of Zaloni–a startup that works in the sphere of data management. With nearly 30 years of leadership experience in enterprise software sales, strategy, consulting, and with a specialization in Data, Analytics, and Business Intelligence across technology giants like HP, Oracle, Susan joined Zaloni to continue her journey in data and analytics. As a data management expert, she believes information can grow in value only if protected and managed well. What does data need in order for it to be preserved well?  Listen to Susan and Kevin discuss data as the new gold in Episode 1 of The Next Big Think! 

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Data is the New Gold
Susan Cook, CEO, Zaloni, on preserving and protecting this new age resource.
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Host: Kevin Benedict

Kevin Benedict is a futurist at TCS, and an industry recognized writer, lecturer, and executive advisor. Kevin has served in numerous executive roles and has published widely on emerging trends, technologies, and business strategies.

Guest: Susan Cook

Susan Cook is the CEO of Zaloni, with nearly 30 years of experience in enterprise software sales, strategy, and consulting; specializing in Data, Analytics, and Business Intelligence. Prior to Zaloni, Susan held leadership roles as the Executive Vice President of North America Sales at Microstrategy, Global Vice President of Sales at IBM, Worldwide Vice President of Sales, Consulting and Strategy at Hewlett-Packard and Group Vice President at Oracle. Susan has led organizations ranging from start up to more than 500 people with revenue objectives greater than $500 million. She brings her expertise in selling and positioning technology as solutions to Zaloni customers, helping them achieve their data and analytics vision. Know more about her.




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