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Two major hurdles in the way of insurer’s goals of modernization and shorter go-to-market timeframes—large volumes of existing forms and documents that need to be converted to digital formats, and legacy platforms that use closely bundled code for form generation rules, triggers, and display. These make it challenging to introduce new insurance products and services or revamp exiting ones. Insurers therefore need a new level of agility through a scalable and flexible forms solution.

TCS Solution

Our solution provides a consistent customer experience driven by branding, quicker time to market for products, and reduced maintenance cost. Our modernization offering has all the necessary ingredients to manage the experience, manage transformation, and manage the operations. We have a highly evolved methodology that has been proven in multiple projects which ensures successful implementations and encompasses:

  •  Reverse engineering services
  •  Forms rationalization and design services
  •  Forms authoring services
  •  Data integration
  •  Distribution services
  •  Document management services
  •  Forms validation and assurance services


  • Simplify forms in 6–8 working days and address state filing needs
  • Enhance customer experience
  • Achieve average rationalization efficiency of ~40%
  • Reduce operational cost by 25% with system simplification
  • Consolidate and integrate IT systems
  • Reduce postage and paper overheads by up to 20%
  • Improve customer response by ~25%
  • Reduce maintenance overheads by rationalization

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