Crowdsourcing Innovation

Fostering An Innovation Culture within Teams

TCS Manthan promotes internal collaboration by crowdsourcing innovative solutions


Crowdsourcing Innovation, an organization-wide collaborative initiative, drives top-down innovation by posing client problem statements within the research organization and crowdsourcing solutions. Vertical Industry teams share Industry challenges with TCS Manthan participants and the larger organization contributes by ideating to overcome these challenges.

By tapping into the collective intelligence of the organization’s workforce through crowdsourcing, this initiative helps engage the workforce, harness its creative and competitive spirit, and promote the spirit of innovation among associates. Currently there are three mechanisms active under the Crowdsourcing Innovation umbrella to drive grassroots-up innovation:

  • Ideathons: These are hosted when the ask is to generate a new method, technique, or process to overcome a business challenge
  • Hackathons: This route is taken when a prototype or proof of concept has to be created as a solution to a client problem
  • Innovista: This ecosystem seeks and honors teams that are at various stages of the innovation lifecycle