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The customer is at the center of every business. To create a seamless experience for customers in this digital-first world, companies need to integrate and optimize front office functions such as sales, marketing, and customer service. However, adopting the right technological solutions and integrating these across functions can be a challenge, which in fact reduces efficiencies instead of creating opportunities.

TCS Solution

With TCS Front Office Transformation, you can envision, create, execute, and maintain high-impact digital capabilities across the customer value chain. TCS offers services across strategy and innovation, using performance insights to optimize customer experience. TCS has robust capabilities in design, operating models, front office services, and back office integration.

Our services deliver a roadmap for business enablement, value realization, and technology execution. TCS has expertise in customer experience strategy, cloud services, advanced infrastructure strategy, organizational impact, and agile delivery – all of which strengthen our offerings and support. 


  • Deliver best-in-class front office solutions aligned with your strategic objectives

  • Improve responsiveness for exceptional customer experience 

  • Innovate and create disruptive strategies

  • Gain insights through an analytics-led approach

  • Leverage technology and business process solutions for smart integration and scalability

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