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Add to Calendar Europe/London INTERVIEW Future-readiness: Key to Thrive in the New Normal

The regulatory tsunami following the 2008 economic crisis left banks well capitalized to weather the ongoing pandemic without major service disruptions. Having proven their resilience, banks now need to adapt to the evolving situation and lead economic recovery and growth. In addition, banks must define a strategy to digitally reinvent financial services and evolve into future-ready enterprises with the capabilities to weather future paradigm shocks.

In this interview with American Banker, Srinivasa Kumar Yerchuru, Industry Expert and Head, Industry Advisory Group, BFSI, explains the key tenets of instilling future-readiness in banking and building future-ready banks. Watch this video to learn about:

  • New growth opportunities that will drive economic recovery

  • Innovative business models that will help banks evolve into resilient and adaptable entities

  • Building collaborative ecosystems to enable purpose-driven customer journeys

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